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the sacred tripod in a sentence

1. In anger, Heracles snatched the sacred tripod and started walking away, intending to start his own oracle.

2. On his 80th Birthday in 1958, Chinese ambassador to Belgium Wang Xiaoxi awarded Falkenhausen the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Tripod for his contributions in defending China.

3. An outraged Hercules has already managed to seize the sacred tripod and Apollo is trying to pull it away from him.

4. From the French government he received the Legion of Honor, the British Government made him an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and the government of China honored him with the Order of the Sacred Tripod and the Special Order of Pao Ting.

5. Holloway's decorations include the Army Distinguished Service Medal, Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and foreign decorations which include the Order of the Sacred Tripod (China), Order of the Cloud and Banner, Chinese Air Force Pilot Wings, The Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany with Star and Sash, German Air Force Command Pilot Wings, The Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand-First Class—Knight Grand Cross, Honorary Royal Thai Air Force Wings, the Order of Aeronautical Merit (Brazil), and Commander of the French Légion d'honneur.

6. Because of the merits of Suiyuan campaign, Zhao Chengsui was awarded the second-class Order of the Sacred Tripod.

7. Colonel Nielsen's decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart with Cluster, the Air Force Commendation Medal with Cluster, Outstanding Unit Award, Longevity Ribbon with four Clusters, and the Breast Order of Pao Ting (Order of the Sacred Tripod) from the Republic of China.

8. The Order of the Sacred Tripod (寶鼎勳章), also referred to as the Order of the Precious Tripod or Pao Ting, is a military award of the Republic of China.

9. On one ancient vase, Hercules is shown carrying off the sacred tripod, while Apollo, holding a branch of laurel, struggles to recover it and Xenoclea, apparently terrified by the dispute, looks on from a window, awaiting the outcome.

10. These included the Order of the Sacred Tripod (寶鼎勳章) of the Republic of China, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Purple Heart.

11. He received the Delhi Durbar Medal from Britain in 1911 and the Order of the Sacred Tripod (寶鼎勳章) on 23 February 1932 from the Republic of China.