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the rosette in a sentence

1. In a second step the rosette-type leaves and stalks are formed.

2. The snout was particularly narrow directly behind the rosette;

3. Each petal of the rosette weighs approximately 500 pounds.

4. The reading of the rosette sign is also disputed.

5. Regrowth from the rosette usually takes place in spring.

6. and Nerz 2503 comprises leaves and pitchers of the rosette.

7. The rosette symbolises the four Evangelists.

8. The rosette is worn on the lapel.

9. This is evident with the rosette and meander patterning in the dress.

10. Detail of the rosette and drooping leaves of Pandanus balfourii.

11. Older leaves are persistent at the base of the rosette.

12. The rosette of leaves arise from an inflated pseudobulb.

13. Golden yellow flowers appear in the center of the rosette.

14. On the other hand, corn earworm ridges extend to the rosette.

15. Sphaerothecum destruens (the rosette agent) is a parasite of fish.

16. The east end has two windows with the rosette window above.

17. Deployment of the rosette is from the deck of a research vessel.

18. The rosette was made of the same ribbon.

19. Its location is a guide for sky navigation toward the Rosette Nebula.

20. However, the flowering plants grow from the center of the rosette.

21. The rosette leaves shape like a spatula.

22. The large candelabra inflorescences grow tall above the rosette.

23. Each leaf in the rosette is 10–30 mm long and 4–12 mm wide.

24. The rosette is 10–20 mm (0.4–0.8 in) in diameter.

25. The rosette is 10–25 mm (0.4–1 in) in diameter.

26. The rosette leaves are usually withered by flowering time.

27. this prevents the rosette from dying as in Agave.

28. The peduncle emerges above the leaves of the rosette.

29. one of the few women to earn the rosette to the Mons star.

30. The rosette of leaves usually dies off, before the flowers appear.