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the river Marsyas in a sentence

1. Marsyas' blood turned into the river Marsyas.

2. His brothers, nymphs, gods and goddesses mourned his death, and their tears, according to Ovid's Metamorphoses, were the source of the river Marsyas in Phrygia /(it's called Çine Creek today), which joins the Meander near Celaenae, where Herodotus reported that the flayed skin of Marsyas was still to be seen, and Ptolemy Hephaestion recorded a "festival of Apollo, where the skins of all those victims one has flayed are offered to the god."

3. Ovid touches upon the theme of Marsyas twice, very briefly telling the tale in Metamorphoses vi.383–400, where he concentrates on the tears shed into the river Marsyas, and making an allusion in Fasti, vi.649–710, where Ovid's primary focus is on the aulos and the roles of flute-players rather than Marsyas, whose name is not actually mentioned.

4. There is a bridge built towards the end of the Roman period on the river Marsyas that is still called by the satyr's name, Marsiyas.

5. Coele Syria has the town of Apamea, divided by the river Marsyas from the Tetrarchy of the Nazerini.

6. Marsyas's blood and the tears of the Muses formed the river Marsyas in Asia Minor.

7. According to some its sources were the same as those of the river Marsyas;

8. He hung up the skin of the conquered man, in the cavern where the spring wells forth, and hence the name of the river, Marsyas.

9. and for a time named Hadrianopolis – was one of the most important towns in the interior of ancient Caria, Anatolia, situated on the east-southeast of Mylasa, and on the south of the river Marsyas;

10. Herodotus mentions a district in Caria, named Idrias, in which the river Marsyas (Çine Çay) had its source.

11. In the two installation works, Reliquary for the River Styx (1989) and Reliquary for the River Marsyas (1992), MA FISH CO elaborated themes from Vice Versa and City of Dis, including references to Dante and mythology;