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the remaining families in a sentence

1. Neobatrachia is by far the largest suborder and includes the remaining families of modern frogs, including most common species.

2. The remaining families count together for less than 1500 species.

3. Aardvarks and pangolins are now placed in individual orders, and the new order Xenarthra was erected to group the remaining families (which are all related).

4. Other studies placed these and the Strelitziaceae-Lowiaceae sister group in a trichotomy with the remaining families.

5. This confirmed the place of Musaceae as sister to the remaining families, confirming Model 3. Heliconiaceae.

6. and Neobatrachia, by far the largest group, which contains the remaining families of modern frogs, including most common species throughout the world.

7. Several of the remaining families in the infraorder (those shown without common names) are former subfamilies of the Mycetophilidae, which has been recently subdivided.

8. With the Calderón family on his side, Ribera decided to ignore all of the remaining families due to internal divisions.

9. On March 12, Fannin sent Captain Amon B. King and about 28 men to take wagons to Refugio to help evacuate the remaining families.

10. During this time, the remaining families of the Missouria rejoined them.

11. the remaining families were represented by one species each.

12. It is the most basal sisoroid family and is sister to a clade formed by the remaining families.

13. The remaining families watch them go, praying for them and recognising their own fragile existence.

14. Formerly classified in the Geotrupidae, they are currently assigned to their own family Pleocomidae, considered the sister group to all the remaining families of Scarabaeoidea.

15. Of the remaining families, only Proctotrupidae contains a substantial number of species, with over 400 described.

16. Most of the remaining families were forced to leave after the devastating Ohio River flood of 1937, which swamped this area.

17. Amblycipitidae is the most basal family and is sister to the remaining families.

18. Others were left on Nut Island at the mouth of the Hudson River, while the remaining families were taken up the Hudson to Fort Orange.

19. The remaining families of those men abroad made matches and between 50 and 100 women left the village to join their new husbands following 'proxy' marriages.

20. The remaining families diverged in the first diversification episode, during a 10 to 12 million-year window between the Late Eocene (42 mya) and into the Oligocene (30 mya).

21. The relationship between the remaining families has been less clear.

22. Ithonidae forms a sister group to the remaining families in the suborder Hemerobiiformia.

23. The remaining families prospered from sheep ranching.

24. By edict of the mining company, the remaining families were forced out so that the company could reclaim the land.

25. Most of the remaining families moved about two miles west to Gilbert, although other homes were replanted in nearby McKinley.

26. Many of the remaining families moved out of the Milo-Grogan area and into the nicer homes of the suburbs.

27. Although Orwood is no longer its own township the Sand Spring Presbyterian Church still operates as a center of the remaining families in the area and still holds weekly services.

28. The two houses where the remaining families were living were said to be "completely surrounded by gunmen.

29. As the crisis continued and the project remained on hold, the neighbourhood fell into disrepair and the remaining families continued to leave little by little.

30. In the late 1950s, the remaining families' houses were burnt down or bulldozed to make way for Grant Park Shopping Centre and Grant Park High School.