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the rare exception in a sentence

1. The Permanent Fund has become the rare exception to this, mostly due to the political climate of distrust existing during the time of its creation.

2. With some refinements (and the rare exception of the Kingma system and other custom adapted fingering systems), Western concert flutes typically conform to Boehm's design, known as the Boehm system.

3. Austroasiatic (such as Khmer and Mon) and Austronesian (such as Malay, Javanese, Tagalog, and Maori) languages are mostly non tonal with the rare exception of Austroasiatic languages like Vietnamese, and Austronesian languages like Cèmuhî and Tsat.

4. However, such complimentary assessments were the rare exception.

5. Songs from Born to Run were performed live as early as mid-1974, and by 1975, all had made their way into Springsteen's shows and (with the rare exception of "Meeting Across the River") continued to be a regular staple of his concerts on subsequent tours through 2018.

6. Thus the ancient institution of the levirate marriage fell into disuse, so that at present halitzah is the general rule and marriage the rare exception.

7. Rather, the Nazarene Church does teach that sin should be the rare exception in the life of a sanctified Christian.

8. Because presidents of republics are ordinarily chosen from within the citizens of the state in question, the concept of personal union has almost never crossed over from monarchies into republics, with the rare exception of the president of France being a co-prince of Andorra.

9. They say that history is written by the victors, but the Civil War has been the rare exception.

10. If one wishes to see the playing to the galleries today, not doing so is the rare exception as most modern performers display the expected gymnastics at the piano.

11. Programs ran for one week with the rare exception of huge hits like Gone with the Wind, which ran for three.

12. Players drafted in the first 20 picks have been the rare exception rather than the rule.

13. In early 15th century Middle Scots /al/ (except, usually, intervocalically and before /d/), /ol/ and often /ul/ changed to /au/, /ou/ and /uː/. For example, all changed to aw, colt to cowt, ful to fou (full) and the rare exception hald to haud (hold).

14. Like Carl Anderson's Henry and Otto Soglow's The Little King, there is no dialogue in the strip, although there is the rare exception.

15. It argues that partisan identity forms early in life and rarely changes, with the rare exception of realignment elections.

16. Details of his family origins and even the year of his birth are unknown, but it can be assumed that he was a Venetian noble because, with the rare exception of Domenico Flabanico, only members of this class were elected to the position of Doge at this point in the Republic's history.

17. Grace (a show with two gay characters in major roles) was the rare exception and featured both gay kisses and relationships throughout its eight-year run, and thirtysomething faced loss of ad revenues due to airing a scene of two men lying in bed together.

18. With the rare exception of lakes near the edges of the permanent icecaps in Greenland and Antarctica, amictic lakes do experience melting around the lake's perimeter during summer, resulting in a "moat" of water surrounding a thick pan of ice that remains in the centre of the lake.

19. The rare exception was his last role in The Flight of Mr. McKinley (1975) for which he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

20. Talent usually is limited to two minutes or less with the rare exception allowing two and a half to three minutes.

21. Meredith Blake for the Los Angeles Times wrote "Pop culture would have us believe that most male-female friendships are destined to turn into romance by Season 5. Jack and Liz are the rare exception.

22. Semantic/adpositional case markings include the instrumental case to mark inanimate subjects of transitive clauses (/-(w)arndi/, with the rare exception [-marndi]).

23. Media experts characterized the debates as the rare exception in the Azerbaijani media offering pluralism of views.

24. Neurath further challenged Cartesian "pseudorationalism" by asserting that operating upon incomplete data was in fact the norm, where Cartesian thinking would have it be the rare exception.

25. The disease can take as quickly as 2–3 months to develop symptoms but more commonly 6–9 months, but the symptoms are usually first seen in the next growing season after the infection, with the rare exception that the infection and first symptoms occur both in the same spring season.

26. Those nautical novels dealing with life on naval and merchant ships set in the past are often written by men and deal with a purely male world with the rare exception, and a core themes found in these novels is male heroism.

27. Other than the rare exception of "Lady Grinning Soul" from Aladdin Sane (1973), Bowie rarely used the word "soul" in his vocabulary, mainly due to his belief that the soul is vulnerable to "unwelcome claimants", as well as soulfulness being a common theme in rock music.

28. In general, most ingestions in children involve exploratory ingestions of small amounts of caustic substances, with the rare exception being cases of child abuse where larger amounts are often ingested.

29. The rare exception was the world premiere on 6 May 1935 of Antonin Artaud's play Les Cenci, a violent tale of incest, murder and betrayal.

30. The Permanent Fund has become the rare exception to this, mostly due to the political climate of distrust existing during the time of its creation.