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the quiet waters in a sentence

1. they swim in the quiet waters feeding on growing or loose fragments of vegetation.

2. he leadeth me The quiet waters by. The official West Bromwich Albion Supporters Club was founded on 4 October 1951.

3. Manatees frequent the quiet waters of the bay.

4. Filmed in Baldwin County, Alabama, a pack of massive, bloodthirsty, genetically engineered fish combing the quiet waters of the river in the Louisiana Bayou, searching for prey.

5. This favoured the setting up of places to spend the day on the islands, called recreos, and aroused interest in rowing along the quiet waters.

6. The quiet waters of the many coves along the irregular shoreline make canoeing and kayaking especially popular.

7. Most mudrocks form in oceans or lakes, because these environments provide the quiet waters necessary for deposition.

8. Oyster farming is conducted in the quiet waters of Coffin Bay.

9. the story begins among the quiet waters of the ocean beneath clear and blue sky, but gradually the horizont is getting darker, a strange voice is heard, then the ship is plunged into the monstrous hurricane.

10. Working his way past the kelp beds, he dropped anchor in the quiet waters inside the present Ballast Point on September 28, 1542.

11. The star beneath the torch is the heraldic recognition of Otumoetai as the third college in the community, and the silver waves on the dark blue background represent the quiet waters of the estuary near the college."

12. They often frequent the quiet waters of sand flats, the surf zones of beaches, as well as inhabiting deeper offshore waters to at least 55 m and possibly much deeper where they are taken by commercial trawlers over sand.

13. River bulrush can be found in fresh water or brackish water marshes, and in the quiet waters of streams and lakes.

14. His favorite site remained the Texas Gulf Coast, however, for its tropical colors and changeable skyscapes, and he became known as a leading interpreter of "typical Texas skies, as well as the deeper blues of the South Atlantic, and the quiet waters of the Pacific Coast."

15. Horace Keats wrote the song "Over the Quiet Waters" in his son's memory.