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the prodigies in a sentence

1. The rivalry began late in the 1980s with both players being considered the prodigies of the next great generation of American tennis players and both having foreign descent.

2. Part of it must have been in contradiction with the beliefs of fulgural and augural art and of the procuratio of the prodigies.

3. The genre of hagiography (manāḳib) only became more popular with the passage of time, with numerous prominent Islamic thinkers of the medieval period devoting large works to collecting stories of various saints or to focusing upon "the marvelous aspects of the life, the miracles or at least the prodigies of a [specific] Ṣūfī or of a saint believed to have been endowed with miraculous powers."

4. and Los signos del juicio final (the Signs of the Last Judgement), a description of the prodigies that will be witnessed before the return of Christ to judge the living and the dead.

5. The motto on the coat of arms is "Town of the Prodigies."

6. Since early childhood, she has been one of the prodigies studying and working at the Baxter Building, a midtown Manhattan government research lab.

7. The Annales Pontificum or Annales maximi, "Annals of the Priests," were annually exhibited in public on a white table, on which the memorable events of the year, with special mention of the prodigies, were set down in abbreviated manner.

8. Margaret A. McGurk of The Cincinnati Enquirer says "Like the prodigies on screen, Camp powers through its imperfections, with irresistible results."

9. As the tournament progresses, the Majeh meets and learns about some of the prodigies and somewhat of their backgrounds.

10. The shedding of tears for three days by a cult-statue of Apollo, cited among the prodigies at the death of the Younger Scipio, can only have occurred at this temple, there being no others to Apollo.

11. Margaret A. McGurk of The Cincinnati Enquirer says "Like the prodigies on screen, Camp powers through its imperfections, with irresistible results."

12. Lídia Jorge’s first publication, the novel O Dia dos Prodígios [The Day of the Prodigies] (1980), is considered to be a major contribution to the new wave of modern Portuguese literature which followed the end of the Estado Novo regime in 1974.

13. The Inner Circle is a coven of the nine most magically talented witches, whom Thea Harman calls "the witch geniuses, the prodigies and the sages, the far-seers, the teachers, the policy-makers" in Spellbinder.

14. Livy mentions it twice, in 189 and 181 BC, for the prodigies of a rain of blood.

15. "The Prodigies" is a short story by Willa Cather.

16. The historian Plutarch, in his Life of Brutus, uses Volumnius' recollections as a source for an account of the prodigies which supposedly preceded the death of Brutus.

17. The work, which is meant to illustrate anecdotically the prodigies of human nature, shows wide reading but is credulous;

18. The Prodigies is a 2011 French-British computer-animated science fiction, action, horror and psychological thriller film based on La Nuit des enfants rois, a novel written by French writer Bernard Lenteric.

19. The film was universally panned by critics, with criticism mostly focusing on its animation, script, lack of originality and made comparisons between The Prodigies and two another films Village of the Damned and Law Abiding Citizen.

20. Movies wrote 'you wouldn't expose a teenager to this, that's for sure, but the storytelling is so ham-handed that few adults would sit still for it' and Dave McGinn of Globe and Mail wrote 'The Prodigies pulls together a lot of familiar tropes from superhero movies without adding anything new or compelling to the genre'.

21. Indeevaram is aims at bringing together the prodigies and amateurs on the same platform as that of the legends and maestros.

22. Morris's talent was further recognised as he was featured in the Prodigies section of the first edition of the Formula magazine.

23. C. J. Napier, who speaks of it as a "stupendous undertaking, which must always rank among the prodigies of war" in his War in the Peninsula, attributes its conception to Sturgeon.

24. El rincón de los prodigios (English title: The corner of the prodigies) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Guillermo Diazayas for Televisa.

25. He was associated with French director Louis Leterrier's films which include The Incredible Hulk, Transporter 2 and Now You See Me. His prominent works also include Taken 2 for Fox Broadcasting Company, The Prodigies for Warner Bros., The Legend of Hercules for Summit Entertainment and The Prodigies.

26. His most recent work on "Champion" and "The Prodigies" has given him a foundation to broadcast his work.

27. The same year he was selected as one of the PRODIGIES series documentary profiles made by RadicalMedia, appearing on the YouTube THNKRTV channel.

28. According to the review of that concert in the magazine La Iberia Musical y Literaria, "He caused an inexplicable admiration with the prodigies that he made playing the violin: this little angel, smaller than the instrument he had in hand, was crowned and named partner of merit among a thousand demonstrations of general approval.