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the prefix in a sentence

1. The prefix "Groot-" was later dropped.

2. The prefix cú- means "in single file".

3. The prefix and suffix were added later.

4. The prefix form is "amino-".

5. The prefix, Sahibzada (lit.

6. Some began with the prefix "Kid".

7. They may also use the prefix QSR.

8. the prefix identifies its noun class.

9. The prefix "West" was added in 1926.

10. The prefix pad- is of unknown origin;

11. He later added the prefix "El León".

12. the prefix nasalizes before x).

13. The prefix dho means "language of".

14. The prefix necro- means "dead."

15. these have the prefix dyn.

16. The prefix of those operators is +383.

17. The prefix "Bio" comes from "life".

18. Others carry the prefix "New";

19. The prefix eu- is Greek for "good".

20. The prefix SD stands for Stereo Disc.

21. The meaning of the prefix is obscure;

22. The prefix 'Royal' was added in 1901.

23. The prefix mac means "son of".

24. Digit 7 have been added to the prefix.

25. The prefix "al" means "the".

26. The prefix is also used in chemistry.

27. This is known as the prefix trick.

28. The prefix Royal was added in 1910.

29. They have since dropped the prefix.

30. have the prefix of Miyan too.