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the ponds in a sentence

1. Harvest, 1851. The Ponds of Gylieu , 1853.

2. Telč viewed across the ponds.

3. Sludge accumulates inside the ponds.

4. The ponds are commonly separated by levees.

5. The ponds in summer, full of water plants.

6. Larvae develop in the ponds.

7. Aquatic plants are displayed in the ponds.

8. The ponds got their water from rainfall.

9. The ponds inside the settlements are smaller.

10. Some of the ponds are interconnected;

11. linking the house to the ponds.

12. There's a garden surrounding the ponds.

13. The arboretum borders the ponds.

14. The ponds have since stayed clean.

15. The Ponds has two primary schools.

16. The Ponds shopping centre opened in 2015.

17. The Ponds are then shown;

18. The ponds are suitable for fishing only.

19. One of the ponds in Moongiltholuvu village.

20. The Ponds may refer to:

21. The ponds were filled in by 1725.

22. In winter the ponds are drained.

23. One of the Ponds on Westfield Common.

24. The ponds support frogs, newts and toads.

25. The ponds have been also used to raise fish.

26. Two of the ponds are now used for fishing.

27. Whiteaker named the ponds the Fossil Lakes.

28. these have since become the ponds.

29. One of the ponds bears his name.

30. The tumuli near the ponds.