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the pipes in a sentence

1. An action connects the keyboards to the pipes.

2. The pipes were repaired, stopping the leak.

3. The pipes were insulated to reduce heat loss.

4. One of the pipes serves as a mouth piece.

5. Some of the pipes are exposed in three cases.

6. The pipes are stabilized by two metal plates.

7. and the Pipes &

8. He also writes for the pipes | drums magazine.

9. Most of the pipes were built by Midmer-Losh.

10. The pipes do not need to be straight.

11. Playing the Pipes is another memory game.

12. Most of the pipes were imported from London.

13. as The Pipes &

14. They hire contractors to lay the pipes.

15. I don't play the pipes or the whistle.

16. Most homes still have the pipes in them.

17. The pipes are made of wood.


19. All of the pipes had been destroyed.

20. The pipes include:

21. a North Carolina woman repainted the pipes.

22. Mostly the pipes are made from cast steel.

23. Thank Reinhart for the pipes."

24. O'Reilly tutored Moore on the pipes.

25. Some of the pipes are signed "Langhedul 1600".

26. Data flows from left to right along the pipes.

27. Strangely the pipes are completely clean.

28. The Pipes &

29. Air is supplied through the pipes.

30. The pipes can also be installed trenchless.