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the passivity in a sentence

1. others exploit the passivity.

2. Recognising the passivity of the hero, she argues that Scott's women were thoroughly acceptable to nineteenth-century readers.

3. These enactments, and the passivity of Epiphanius and his clergy, show the absence as yet for exclusively clerical legislation for the spirituality.

4. It was described as having a dark cynicism of Orwellian practices of government and the passivity of the general public.

5. He also studied the passivity of non-rare metals and the effects of electric current on corrosion of metals.

6. The most common methods for validating the passivity of a part is some combination of high humidity and heat for a period of time, intended to induce rusting.

7. There were also general criticisms of the delays in sounding the alarm, the passivity of the crew, and the lack of guidance from the bridge.

8. thus, it is also known as the "passivity zone".

9. thus, it is also known as the passivity zone.

10. Similarly, in a section on financial planning, Schmidt advised the University overhaul the passivity of CUNY's central Executive Administration.

11. In practice, the group would not play a major role, largely due to the passivity of JCP.

12. The austerity and the passivity of the first character is, however, contrasted vividly with the passion and activity of the second character.

13. Infuriated by the passivity of Buenos Aires, Artigas declared war on Buenos Aires while he was losing to the Portuguese.

14. this approach ends the passivity of the reference librarians by taking the chair away and having the librarians interact with patrons throughout the library.

15. The Far-Left and the Unified Socialist Party protested against the passivity of the left-wing parties.

16. It increases the passivity of people who watch.

17. Thanks to the passivity of Henry I, the revolt failed.

18. He criticised what he saw as the passivity of the political left in the face of the genocidal wars in Bosnia (1992–95) and Kosovo (1998–99).

19. It also aims to "discover the collective inside us as poetic beings" and "to bypass the passivity of the reader towards an active contribution".

20. The first option is to remain trapped inside their bodies, thereby perpetuating the passivity women have been a party to throughout history.

21. Rose says, "With my naked body on the TV I wanted to negate the passivity of the action of the reclining nude.

22. It highlights the work of children like Greta Thunberg and the significance of their resistance to the passivity of world leaders regarding climate change.

23. In 1888 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Halle with a dissertation on the passivity of iron.

24. However, Baudrillard interpreted the passivity of the masses in a different way.

25. He watched the evolution of the Dreyfus affair closely, and was indignant at the passivity of the government, particularly Jean-Baptiste Billot.

26. Fuchs is keen to emphasize the passivity of man.

27. 2. The notion of ethnic "uplift" presupposes the passivity of ethnic minorities.

28. Instead, he argued that Jews had "speeded the process of destruction" by obedience to German orders conditioned by the passivity of Jewish diaspora culture.

29. ...with acuteness the passivity of the Chilean woman.

30. So apparently the passivity the inertia can be explained.