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1 He captured the old people and children and sent them to his army to hold them for ransom.
2 "I shall bring back the old people..." Alexei is reported to have told her, "...and choose myself new ones according to my will;
3 Besides horses, ancient sources mention that the Huns used wagons for transportation, which Maenchen-Helfen believes were primarily used to transport their tents, booty, and the old people, women, and children.
4 The hair of their head is shaved, tho' many of the old people have it plucked out by the roots, except a patch on the hinder part of the head, about twice the bigness of a crown-piece, which is ornamented with beads, feathers, wampum, stained deers hair, and such like baubles.
5 One visitor to the reservations later asked why there were so few older Indians on the reservations, and was told that "the old people had died of heartache" after the construction of the dam and the loss of the reservations' land.
6 One morning, as the tide went out, the old people came to sit and watch the ocean.
7 "Look," one of the old people said, "Here comes Raven.
8 Called Delaware by the Europeans, the Leni Lenape are known to other tribes, in their tongues, as "the old people" and are considered to be one of the oldest tribes in North America.
9 Feeling Wonder was now ready, a song, "Mother Thank You", was recorded for release as a single, but then pulled and replaced by the Berry Gordy song "I Call It Pretty Music, But the Old People Call It the Blues" as his début single;
10 While a young man, he became fascinated with hearing the old people in the locality speak the Irish language.
11 Consequently, she says, she started travelling, with colleagues, to "every mission camp, reserve and fringe-dwelling group in Western Australia ... talking to the old people ... trying to get a handle on the health issues and the environmental issues".
12 Robinson recounts a description of the scenes after a Maundy service at the turn of the 19th century: [A]s soon as the service is over, crowds of buyers flock eagerly around the old people, who take a price for their coins.
13 In a British 20-year longitudinal study, less than half of the old people surveyed said that religion was "very important" to them, and a quarter said they had become less religious in old age.
14 The old people of Agadir remember the famous "Moorish café" of the Casbah and its panoramic view.
15 Word of the Ancestral Puebloan great houses had spread, and Acowitz, a member of the Ute tribe, told the Wetherills of a special cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde: "Deep in that canyon and near its head are many houses of the old people – the Ancient Ones.
16 to Mr Philip Van Rensselaer that tho' you was then yet pretty Weak you was greatly recovered, I seem'd to be rais'd from the lowest Abyss of dispondence to the highest pinnacle of Hope and I will leave you to reflect how industrious I was to communicate it to the old people - I beg Dear Brother as you Love your Friends who are under the greatest uneasiness yet that you will write us a Line if you are able, and if not procure some one to write for you - and beg further that if you are not recovered on receipt of this that you will apply for leave to come down and write me before you set out that I may meet you on your Way - I should have been up with you already If I could possibly have obtained leave of HettyWe are well I am Your loving BrotherLeonard GansevoortAlbany Octr 31 1774To Peter Gansevoort Junr Esqr [Provincial Camp at St Johns]" He was also appointed to the 3rd and 4th Provincial Congresses in 1776 and 1777, where the Constitution of the State of New York was adopted on April 20, 1777.
17 In the early 1840s Goncharov worked on a novel called The Old People, but the manuscript has been lost.
18 Early accounts on the founding of the city, as gathered from the old people, contend that it was formerly a part of the town of Meycauayan.
19 Rubén Darío explained it as follows in his autobiography: According to what some of the old people in that town of my childhood have referred to me, my great-grandfather had Darío as his nickname or first name.
20 Young men who were known to be stout and hearty fellows some months ago were quite emaciated and so weak they could hardly work ; the old people and widows, who with their children live on the charity of the younger and more prosperous, had nothing, and many a pitiable tale was told of the misery they had endured.