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the ninth grade in a sentence

1. light cyan garments adorned officials above the ninth grade.

2. All are required to attend school up to the ninth grade.

3. She participated in track and field events in the ninth grade.

4. and the Ninth Grade Achievement School.

5. Brown attended Exeter's public schools until the ninth grade.

6. He began writing when he was in the ninth grade.

7. Song was named an All-American Scholar in the ninth grade.

8. In the ninth grade, Smith dropped out of Dexter High School.

9. For the 1955–56 school year, the ninth grade was added.

10. The ninth grade campus is also directly next to a graveyard.

11. From 2007 onwards, only the marks from the ninth grade are used.

12. He had never worn a pair of ice skates until the ninth grade.

13. The space was needed due to the addition of the ninth grade.

14. She wore a back brace throughout her time in the ninth grade.

15. He dropped out of Hyde Park High School after the ninth grade.

16. Education through the ninth grade is compulsory.

17. Many of these sum schools only go to the ninth grade.

18. The Ninth Grade Center housed newly arrived ninth graders.

19. In 2007, the ninth grade moved to a separate facility.

20. The ninth grade moved back to the high school in September 1993.

21. The ninth grade consisted of 124 students (29.7% of students).

22. Ramirez dropped out of Jefferson High School in the ninth grade.

23. Caspersen attended private schools until the ninth grade.

24. Hobby dropped out of school in the ninth grade.

25. 120 students in the ninth grade were the first students.

26. He did not begin playing football until the ninth grade.

27. This school has classes from first grade to the ninth grade.

28. She completed school until the ninth grade.

29. She went to school until she dropped out in the ninth grade.

30. Teaford dropped out of school in the ninth grade;