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the news media in a sentence

1. The [news] media can't get anything straight.

2. Yassin's rhetoric was often scrutinized in the news media.

3. some in the news media accused Watson of hypocrisy.

4. (The news media in Europe gave the study much more play;

5. The claim has appeared repeatedly in the news media.

6. He was prohibited from speaking with the news media.

7. It featured the news media as the background.

8. The story broke through the news media website BuzzFeed.

9. Bagdikian was a noted critic of the news media.

10. The public and especially the news media were invited.

11. Reviews of Corteo in the news media were mixed.

12. He also appears frequently in the news media.

13. The paper is owned by the News Media Corporation.

14. and the news media".

15. The news media reported on the case.

16. Sales were slow and the news media lost interest.

17. The slogan attracted derision from across the news media.

18. They provide information to the news media.

19. "Boom Boom" is an attack on the news media;

20. The news media will play it to the very hilt.

21. this sparked a flurry of coverage in the news media.

22. A book of media criticism, Breaking the News, Media &

23. It presents itself as an observatory of the news media.

24. It has six cabins for the news media.

25. The news media misleadingly nicknamed it The Beast.

26. Emerdata was widely discussed in the news media.

27. Matthews has made frequent appearances in the news media.

28. The trial was eagerly followed in the news media.

29. He has also published pieces in the news media.

30. The news media can't afford a backslide.