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the neural networks in a sentence

1. There are associated changes in the neural networks such as development of stereoscopic vision and loss of the lateral line system.

2. Since physical activity impacts all of these important parts of the brain, this form of exercise keeps the neural networks functioning well.

3. The neural networks that mediate sustained attention and consciousness implicate numerous cortical areas, many of which overlap in connectivity with the claustrum.

4. Neuroimaging studies focus on the neural networks involved in visual memory using methods designed to activate brain areas involved in encoding, storage, and recall.

5. The Neural Networks Research Centre of TKK, a center of excellence appointed by Academy of Finland was founded to conduct research related to Teuvo Kohonen's innovations.

6. These chips are known for being thought of as comparable to the neural networks, being marketed for the number of "synapses" and "neurons".

7. When individuals detect a change, the neural networks of the parietal and right dorsolateral prefrontal lobe regions are strongly activated.

8. Therefore, any trauma one receives from the war would directly impact the neural networks.

9. For a few seconds after the cessation of the scratch, the neural networks involved in the generation of the scratch reflex remain in a state of heightened sensitivity.

10. In neuroscience, decorrelation is used in the analysis of the neural networks in the human visual system.

11. the neural networks did not know which individual games were won, lost, or drawn.

12. Observing video clips that displayed facial expression of feeling disgust activated the neural networks typical of direct experience of disgust.

13. These chips are known for being thought of as comparable to the neural networks, being marketed for the number of "synapses" and "neurons".

14. In the case of neural cryptography, we improve it by increasing of the synaptic depth L of the neural networks.

15. The neural networks underlying the complex interactions among stressors, body, brain and food intake are now better understood.

16. Convergence-divergence zones might be the neural networks where memories are stored and retrieved.

17. Intel claims Loihi is about 1000 times more energy efficient than the general-purpose computing power needed to train the neural networks that rival Loihi's performance.

18. He was a research fellow in the Neural Networks lab at RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan.

19. In this manner, the neural networks in the human brain have evolved to create pain and suffering when the evolutionary instincts cannot keep up with the outside world.

20. Perceptrons by Frank Rosenblatt, which is a form of the neural networks, was one of the first such approaches.

21. During this time the neural networks also resurfaced as it was shown that the limitations of the perceptrons can be overcome by Multi-layer perceptrons.

22. The design of the crest is inspired by the neural networks of the human brain, and which portrays the motto of beautiful thinking.

23. GRNN represents an improved technique in the neural networks based on the nonparametric regression.

24. AlphaZero was trained solely via self-play, using 5,000 first-generation TPUs to generate the games and 64 second-generation TPUs to train the neural networks.

25. In most cases, EEG data involves a preprocess of wavelet transform before putting into the neural networks.

26. In 2012, he finished a doctoral thesis in French about the neural networks involved in the respiratory rhythm in lampreys.

27. Her research uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to establish how biological variables impact the neural networks responsible for memory creation and retrieval.

28. Cools demonstrated that the neural networks of psychopathic criminals are different to that or normal people, with a strong focus on reward and a lack of self-control.

29. The Neural Networks models is improved, it can simulate the approached function commendably even at the case of the little number of the samples.

30. Reference and analog-input voltages drive the neural networks, and digital outputs come from the comparators in the networks.