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the navel in a sentence

1. The robes were open to the navel, exposing their breasts.

2. The Japanese have long had a special regard for the navel.

3. Buddhism refers to the chakra of the navel as the manipura.

4. The city calls itself "The Navel of Japan (Nihon no Heso)."

5. for Buddhists, the navel of the universe;

6. One is the nafs, which is just below the navel.

7. The navel is generally a knob in a circular groove.

8. Oh - Reverberates around the navel and lower spine.

9. For Hanafis, men put their hands below the navel.

10. Flames rise from the chandali fire at the navel.

11. and the AH comes back down to the navel chakra.

12. The 10th intercostal nerve terminates at the navel.

13. Its name is a reference to the navel orange.

14. Sagittal hair growth above and below the navel.

15. Acuminate hair growth around the navel.

16. the navel; and scar tissue.

17. The incision is typically directly under the navel.

18. Fingering the navel is also a common act.

19. The navel has become, in effect, the new locus of desire.

20. "Temple of the Navel of the City";

21. The navel of the Earth may refer to:

22. That year he released the book Stories Below the Navel.

23. Varro, who came from Reate, called it the "navel of Italy".

24. For Hanafis, men put their hands below the navel.

25. The cultural views of the navel vary significantly.

26. Montparnasse was, he said, "the navel of the world".

27. The cultivation of the navel oranges was a great success.

28. The navel orange is a mutation of regular sweet orange.

29. The mutation gives the navel orange no seeds.

30. incas believed that Cuzco was the navel of the universe.