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the natural-philosophy in a sentence

1. By then, the natural philosophy in these texts began to be extended by scholastics such as Robert Grosseteste, Roger Bacon, Albertus Magnus and Duns Scotus.

2. Modern natural science is the successor to the natural philosophy that began in Ancient Greece.

3. The natural philosophy of atomism appeared in several ancient traditions.

4. The natural philosophy model, above all the theory of space, receives attention and recognition.

5. In 1796 he lectured at the University of Kiel, and two years later went to the University of Jena to study the natural philosophy of Friedrich Schelling.

6. During the following winter, Scoresby attended the natural philosophy and chemistry classes at Edinburgh University, and again in 1809.

7. Plato's Defense of Socrates, for example, tells us much of what we know about the natural philosophy of Anaxagoras.

8. He modernized the natural philosophy of Plato's Timaeus by incorporating insights from Hellenistic astronomy and medicine.

9. In developing their theories, the German Naturphilosophen found their inspiration in the natural philosophy of the Ancient Greek Ionian philosophers.

10. Among his publications, The Natural Philosophy of Time received special attention.

11. Gunn then went to work at Glasgow University, where the Natural Philosophy Department, under its new chairman, Philip Dee, was branching out into nuclear physics.

12. In addition, the natural philosophy of the period encouraged alternative explanations for the origin of fossils.

13. The Natural Philosophy of Plant Form, published in 1950 has been considered the most important of Arber's books.

14. Grayson was transferred to the Natural Philosophy department of the university under Professor T. R. Lyle in 1913 and was allowed to give his full time to the machine.

15. Harvey's epigenesis, more mechanistic and less vitalist than the Aristotelian version, was, thus, more compatible with the natural philosophy of the time.

16. In the eighteenth century, as the field of chemistry was evolving from alchemy, a field of the natural philosophy was created around the idea of air as a reagent.

17. He became Head of Department in 1975 and was instrumental in the merger of the Natural Philosophy and Mathematical Physics departments.

18. In 1937 he became an Associate Professor in Natural Philosophy, and second-in-charge of the Natural Philosophy Department.

19. Stoic physics is the natural philosophy adopted by the Stoic philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome used to explain the natural processes at work in the universe.

20. Goethean science concerns the natural philosophy (German Naturphilosophie "philosophy of nature") of German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

21. The State University of Leuven counted upon the creation the Faculties of Law, Medicine, Science and Mathematics and of the Natural Philosophy and Letters.

22. They concern questions in the natural philosophy of the day that interested him.

23. She is president of the Natural Philosophy Alliance which she helped found in 1993.

24. The last four lines of Pentreath's version were missed out in Whitrow's quotation in his book, The Natural Philosophy of Time and in some quotations in other books.

25. He also wrote on the natural philosophy of Aristotle.

26. Protogaea built on, and criticized, the natural philosophy of René Descartes, as expressed in his Principia Philosophiae.

27. These hymns provide an overview of what James Allen has described as the 'natural philosophy' of Akhenaten's religion.

28. The Natural Philosophy of Love is the second studio album by American experimental band Amber Asylum.

29. He is a promoter of the natural philosophy "arbotherapy", a therapy to combat the stress and the anxiety generated by modern world.

30. He dedicated his studies in particular to the natural philosophy of Thomas Hobbes and to the influence of Cartesianism in England.