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the national standard in a sentence

1. Each regiment was to carry the national standard in addition to its regimental standard.

2. The national standard was not a reference to the national or naval flag.

3. The term "Indonesian" is primarily associated with the national standard dialect (bahasa baku).

4. However, some road signs may differ by locale, and mostly diverge from the national standard.

5. The layout of the Swiss keyboard is established by the national standard SN 074021:1999.

6. The national standard for paramedic training is just 1,100 hours.

7. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust sets the national standard on clinical care;

8. The base, BNS Issa Khan, was the first Bangladesh Navy base to receive the national standard in 1974.

9. The national standard ratio is one policeman per one thousand inhabitants.

10. States may set their own ambient standards, so long as they are lower than the national standard.

11. Its new curriculum set the national standard and was copied widely in the United States.

12. The National Standard Theatre at 2/3/4 Shoreditch High Street opened in 1837.

13. CSI started conducting the National Standard Test for Programming Competence in 1975.

14. Around 1300, by royal command, the Svealand standard became the national standard, except on Gotland.

15. These programmes are run by the national standard agencies of the respective countries.

16. Taher left the position in 2017 to join the National Standard Finance as president.

17. the national standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales.

18. The 230/400-volt 50-hertz three-phase system was chosen as the national standard in 1920.

19. This is known as the National Standard Curriculum.

20. On 29 August 2013, the ship received the National Standard.

21. hockey stadium under construction, which will be built to the national standard level.

22. It is the national standard of the Zhuang languages, though in Yunnan a local standard is used.

23. For instance, "TCVN 4980:2006" refers to the national standard numbered 4980, issued in 2006.

24. This meant that from 1950, the Association played under the national standard code of rules.

25. it was not until 1992 that the Association returned to the national standard eighteen-a-side rules.

26. In France on 2017, the FFTri, defined the national standard distances.

27. Today, the national standard is based on the Zeta-South Sanjak dialect.

28. He earned the National Standard’s ‘Writer of the Year’ award in 2007.

29. According to her, she threw the national standard on her first try.

30. And it is the national standard of Republic of Korea (KS X 3262).