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the myth in a sentence

1. the myth of the Venusberg (German;

2. the myth varies in such details.

3. The myth has several versions;

4. Yet the myth has persisted."

5. the myth is second."

6. The myth was declared "Confirmed".

7. "the myth smacks of aetiology."

8. The myth recounts the following.

9. The myth-making followed two paths;

10. "The Myth of the Mother-Goddess".

11. Chile: The Myth That Will Not Die."

12. Campbell resisted the myth-making.

13. The Myth of the Ages follows.

14. The myth is not neutral;

15. the myth of the bureaucracy;

16. Their ritual reenacts the myth.

17. This is the source of the myth.

18. Yet the myth motors on, pitilessly.

19. The myth is still believed locally.

20. The Myth may refer to:

21. It lives up to the myth."

22. The myth was busted.

23. the myth texts in 1940.

24. This is the myth.

25. The myth was deemed plausible.

26. The myth is about chastity.

27. The myth goes like this.

28. Hadestown: The Myth.

29. The Myth: Cleopatra was Egyptian.

30. Let's debunk the myth.