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the modern term in a sentence

1. The modern term for Arab is 阿拉伯 (Ālābó or Alabo).

2. and the modern term "trailer trash" –

3. The modern term assassination is based on the tactics used by the Assassins.

4. The ancient name Pannonia is retained in the modern term Pannonian plain.

5. The phenomenon, however, long preceded the modern term;

6. The modern term was first used in 1781.

7. The modern term for this meaning is "ultrasonic".

8. The modern term "landlord" is a vestigial survival of this function.

9. from this the modern term abugida is derived.

10. The modern term for graphical terminal is "thin client".

11. The Vandals' activities during the sack gave rise to the modern term vandalism.

12. The modern term was introduced by John Wesley Powell in 1875.

13. Noting that "Rydberg's conception of race is not equivalent with the modern term;

14. "Protection factor" is equivalent to the modern term "dose reduction factor".

15. The modern term is "fecal sludge";

16. The modern term speechwriter is roughly equivalent.

17. The modern term for light version of 'circular' insanity is cyclothymia.

18. The modern term obscurantism derives from the title of this work.

19. Hoi Hap is the modern term for a sea channel.

20. The modern term for "leica reel" is animatic.

21. The modern term irony is derived from the eirôn of the classical Greek theatre.

22. It is also the origin of the modern term colony.

23. This appears to be the first use of a recognisable version of the modern term.

24. The term assimilation is based on the modern term.

25. It corresponds to the modern term Mesoamerica.

26. The modern term describes vessels covered with a shiny black slip.

27. The modern term originated from the 2010 American documentary Catfish.

28. The modern term for the Sun in Persian in Khor-shid, meaning "Sun shine."

29. The modern term is mindfulness.

30. Allochiria is the modern term that covers this phenomenon.