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the male in a sentence

1. The male is unknown.

2. the male is smaller.

3. the male does so first.

4. Bailey, the male lion.

5. the male brings food.

6. The male is polygamous.

7. The male has no brands.

8. Female like the male.

9. Female like the male.

10. Female like the male.

11. The male is not known.

12. Cilia as in the male.

13. Only the male sings.

14. Welcoming the male;

15. Antenna as in the male;

16. Antenna as in the male;

17. Only the male sings;

18. The male form is Heiko.

19. beneath as in the male.

20. The male drinks nectar.

21. This is the male code.

22. The male has blue eyes.

23. U the male letter meme.

24. Only the male is known.

25. The male is dimorphic;

26. The male cries a lot.

27. Only the male is known.

28. The male is known only.

29. The male protagonist.

30. The male is unknown.