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the main hero in a sentence

1. For this, he would become legendary as the main hero of the war.

2. The final ghost resembles the main hero of the Part IV, Gustaw.

3. They had two children, including Rostam, the main hero of the Shahnameh.

4. However, the main hero was always called Spielvan in the dub.

5. Ivan is the main hero of Russian folktales.

6. if the main hero dies, the game is over.

7. In 1947, he played both the main hero and villain in the film Trail of the Mounties.

8. The main hero, a female, criticizes humanity's efforts to destroy and subordinate nature.

9. The main hero was captured by Austrian soldiers and hanged on a hook by a rib.

10. Alice Hardy is the main hero of the film Friday the 13th, played by Adrienne King.

11. In 2007 NTV aired an episode on The Main Hero titled "Natasha Guseva: Alice as an Adult".

12. Level 3 Now the main hero has to go through an ancient pyramid and there are catacombs full of danger.

13. The main hero of the story drove a team of three horses.

14. Nikolay Polevoy is the main hero of "Izlomanny Arshin" ("Broken Arshin") novel by Samuil Lurie.

15. The main hero, Indrek, son of Andres, is a young man from the country who comes to town to study.

16. He is known as the main hero of the tale of "The Taking of Joppa".

17. In this film the main hero says about "shining life", to see beginning of the film.

18. Story starts with the main Hero Eddie navigating the increasingly treacherous landscape.

19. The hero is Tatsuto Hiyuu, an ancestor of Tatsuma Hiyuu, the main hero of earlier Tokyo Majin games.

20. The works of this series can be united by the main hero figure, journalist Dmitry Stepanov.

21. Aghasi, who is the main hero, kills the Sardar's men and saves her.

22. "Popevka" is the only song with Svilojević as the main hero.

23. Although he is the main hero, his role in the series so far has been severely limited.

24. And then appear much more blindfolded people on motorcycles which follow the main hero.

25. The main hero of the epic poem Akbuzat is Hauban.

26. The main hero is the Wandering Jew, Ahasver.

27. The main hero of the poem is Viriatus.

28. The main hero is the king of Israel, Saul.

29. The main hero, Bob, collapses after a fierce storm and finds himself on a desert island.

30. In front of the house-museum stands the sculpture of Artemka, the main hero of Vasilenko's works.