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the low point in a sentence

1. 1997 was the low point of Agassi's career.

2. The low point of the papacy was 867–1049.

3. The low point in women's pay inequality came before the US Open in 1970.

4. The low point is sea level, along the Delaware River.

5. The low point is sea level along the Delaware and Mullica rivers.

6. This was the low point of Wentworth's fortunes.

7. Early 1990 was the low point for conservation of the Spix.

8. After a series of rejections, Johnny reaches the low point of his young life.

9. Ring magazine called this inexplicable loss the low point of his career.

10. 1973 was the low point for March in Formula One.

11. The low point of Robinson's tenure in Raleigh came during the 1992-93 season.

12. UGO Networks called Mario Clash the low point of the Mario series' life.

13. "It was definitely the low point of my career," she has said.

14. The low point of his Cardinals career also came against the Mets.

15. The Pantana was the low point;

16. the low point is 43 metres at Nantwich Aqueduct.

17. The midterm elections were the low point of Reagan's presidency.

18. The low point in the team's history had to be the 1991–92 season.

19. The low point of the 1980s occurred on 22 January 1985 when C-130A (AF Ser.

20. The low point was when they went 0–11 in 1942.

21. The low point for me is we didn't win the game."

22. This was the low point in the island's history;

23. This turned out to be the low point in his career.

24. Parks Lake is the low point of Whitlock Valley in the south.

25. On July 11 of that year, the low point of the crisis came.

26. That year, he was named as the Low Point MVP for the league.

27. The low point of the rim is in the east.

28. In late April 1945, the low point of 57,974 people has been reached yet.

29. The low point came in their season finale against in-state rival Arizona.

30. The low point on Tehachapi Pass is 4,031 feet (1,229 m).