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the losing player in a sentence

1. Against conventions, Agassi, the losing player, was interviewed on court after the match.

2. The score of a game is the number of pips in the losing player's hand plus the number of pips in the stock.

3. The losing arrangements involve the losing player's L piece touching a corner.

4. If the player loses the match of a one-on-one, the losing player is given a second chance to shoot a shot at the three point line.

5. The losing player received $5 a point for playing (changed to parting gifts with the third endgame).

6. made by the losing player after a fight, or when a player skates into a goalie.

7. The losing player turned around, as if to walk away, and the screen faded to white.

8. the losing player's charity receives $500, regardless of the actual score.

9. In Real, matches count for win-loss records and the losing player in a Netbattle forfeits a chip randomly chosen from their chip pack.

10. When the player loses along the way, one of the big baddies holds a gun point-blank to the losing player's face in a first-person view.

11. If the losing player has successfully borne off at least one checker, he loses only one point;

12. Both players got to keep whatever cash they won, and the losing player also received parting gifts.

13. Fights last until a player is knocked out, and the losing player is taken out of the game permanently.

14. Regardless of who rolled last, the losing player becomes first to roll the dice on the following round.

15. Points still in the losing player's hand may be awarded to the winner.

16. The losing player received a copy of the show's home game in addition to whatever money they had earned.

17. The losing player is then subjected to a punishment by being hoisted into a full train car of big sized men for around half a minute.

18. The losing player must drink all remaining beers on the board.

19. Sometimes the losing player is punished.

20. The spot where it lands is where the losing player starts until he reaches the hole.

21. When a battle reaches DEFCON 1 two supports are unlocked for the losing player;

22. If the losing player uses a WMD, their opponent can retaliate by using a WMD of their own.

23. The player who wins the race will earn all the money that the losing player bet before the race.

24. The first to reach two points won the right to play the next mini-game, and the losing player received $5,000.

25. The losing player requests from the winning player one asset token.

26. Sometimes a variation of Schlafmütze is played which involves dealing out a series of 'punishments' to the losing player.

27. The player who has the lowest number of strokes after the 4 locations wins and the losing player is eliminated.

28. The player who wins the immunity challenge is safe for the day, while the losing player advances to the elimination challenge.

29. In best-of-3 sets, the winner can ban one stage so the losing player cannot choose that stage.

30. When the game was over The Doomsday Machine from the episode of the same name would appear on screen and eat the ship of the losing player.