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the lifestyle in a sentence

1. Plus, the lifestyle—partying, drinking, drugs.

2. The Lifestyle Center La Gran ViaEl Salvador.

3. "Grays" can choose the lifestyle of a Druid.

4. Kudumbam is the Lifestyle monthly family magazine.

5. In Australia, it is aired on The Lifestyle Channel.

6. The lifestyle of Proterosuchus remains debated;

7. The lifestyle of Proterosuchus is debated.

8. Australia on The Lifestyle Channel.

9. Noble section of the lifestyle center complex.

10. In those days, the lifestyle was changing rapidly.

11. It aired on the Lifestyle Channel.

12. Its publishers live the lifestyle they espouse.

13. The lifestyle here is rural.

14. The lifestyle of people of Bhardians are medium.

15. The lifestyle is close to that of the chameleons.

16. In 2010, he headed the Lifestyle &

17. DMTV The Lifestyle Channel for Distinguished Men.

18. The Lifestyle Center La Gran ViaEl Salvador.

19. The lifestyle in Nampong is uncomplicated.

20. Matt on the Lifestyle Food channel.

21. The lifestyle here is rural.

22. The Lifestyle event.

23. He is a vegan since 2012 and promotes the lifestyle.

24. Blanco is a vegan and promotes the lifestyle.

25. Tourists will see the lifestyle of the locals.

26. the lifestyle followed asceticism.

27. The Lifestyle Holidays Group was founded in 2002.

28. Is this the lifestyle you want?

29. Suri already lives the lifestyle of a star.

30. It's the lifestyle that CDK initiated.