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the largest suborder in a sentence

1. Neobatrachia is by far the largest suborder and includes the remaining families of modern frogs, including most common species.

2. The Eimeriorina—the largest suborder in this phylum—the lifecycle involves both sexual and asexual stages.

3. Polyphaga is the largest suborder, containing more than 300,000 described species in more than 170 families, including rove beetles (Staphylinidae), scarab beetles (Scarabaeidae), blister beetles (Meloidae), stag beetles (Lucanidae) and true weevils (Curculionidae).

4. Additional veins are found in some families and genera (Dicropsocus and Goja in Epipsocidae, many Calopsocidae, etc.) Psocomorpha is the largest suborder of the Psocoptera sensu stricto (i.e. excluding Phthiraptera), with about 3,600 species in 24 families, ranging from the species-poor Bryopsocidae (2 spp.) to the speciose Psocidae (about 900 spp).

5. Laniatores is the largest suborder of the arachnid order Opiliones with over 4,000 described species worldwide.

6. Gonozooids are also very important in the taxonomy of cyclostomes, particularly in the largest suborder the Tubuliporina.

7. Myomorpha is the largest suborder of rodents.

8. The Ischnocera is the largest suborder and parasitize mostly birds and some groups of mammals.