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the jaws in a sentence

1. The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

2. The jaws have conical teeth.

3. the jaws are the limbs;

4. a beak at the front of the jaws;

5. the jaws of stamp tongs are smooth.

6. The jaws are massive and highly extensile.

7. "The Jaws of Hell."

8. The jaws are toothless.

9. the jaws become locked.

10. the edges of the jaws are denticulated;

11. The jaws have denticulated edges.

12. Panorama picture of the Jaws shark scene.

13. The mouth is wide, and the jaws bear teeth.

14. The jaws are lined with many small teeth.

15. The jaws are lined with conical teeth.

16. this pattern occurs in the jaws as well.

17. Cysts of the jaws.

18. The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

19. The jaws are developed or absent.

20. The jaws protrude equally.

21. The jaws are very elongated;

22. The jaws were toothless.

23. The jaws are subobsolete.

24. In snails, the jaws and radula.

25. It was similar to the Jaws ride.

26. The jaws are sub-equal.

27. The jaws are toothless.

28. The jaws (chelicerae) are dark brown.

29. Kintner in the Jaws film franchise.

30. The jaws extend past the eye.