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the insults in a sentence

1. The insults and threats directed at different women tend to be very similar.

2. The insults continued on The Chronic with "Bitches Ain't Shit".

3. She maintained her composure, despite the insults of the jeering crowd.

4. He was forced to endure the freezing rain and the insults of a howling mob.

5. Bender usually remained calm, sometimes smiling at the insults.

6. Although Steinman laughed off the insults, the singer screamed "Fuck you, Clive!"

7. The Sheriff's party returned the insults in turn using foul language.

8. Sandler also shouted the insults "Freak!"

9. With other early Muslims, he endured the insults and oppressions of the Quraysh.

10. Medea, full of hatred, vows revenge for the insults she has suffered.

11. Enraged by the insults, Spode attacks.

12. Unable to bear the insults, she immolated herself.

13. She later cited Don Rickles as her main influence for the insults in the dialogue;

14. aggressions, the insults &

15. Meera, being her respectful self, bears the insults silently.

16. Chang challenges Yee-tai to a fight to avenge the insults to his friends.

17. on the way, he protected her against the insults of the mob.

18. Unable to bear the insults, she immolated herself.

19. Crostil the insults.

20. He may be jealous of Kate, or perhaps wants revenge on Brummell for the insults.

21. The insults are graphic and personal, and were not necessarily arbitrary.

22. Jenna takes the insults as compliments, and tries to seduce Kenneth.

23. Kjartan is now no longer able to withstand the insults.

24. Kjartan is now no longer able to withstand the insults.

25. Among the insults levelled at Bird were "saponaceous piety" and being a Mawworm.

26. All of the junior class girls begin fighting over the insults.

27. She disdained replying to the insults.

28. you are going to take the compliments you have to take the insults.

29. He turned crimson under the insults.

30. He writhed under the insults.