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the history books in a sentence

1. The history books of Posey County state the town name was changed in 1852.

2. But it's gone down into the history books;

3. A Kansas comeback for the history books, Rock Chalk, Championship!

4. The 1959 season also offered great moments for the history books.

5. North Albany entered the history books after claiming the first Premiership.

6. The Huskies repeated the next year, and then disappeared from the history books.

7. This went into the history books as "Passauerkunst" or Art of Passau.

8. Emma did not fade quietly into the history books, however.

9. After the riot, somebody sprayed graffiti that would make it into the history books.

10. It belongs in the history books."

11. Polio is confined to the history books.

12. Yet, little is written about her or her incredible story in the history books.

13. The history books of the time did not speak kindly of his actions.

14. The 30-win season ranks first in the history books to this day.

15. Carraig Bhrachai is not mentioned again in the history books until 1600.

16. It could be another for the history books.

17. I'll go down in the history books, I mean it's great!"

18. Large-scale engineering disasters are recorded in the history books.

19. Kirsten Rausing called Alborada "a filly for the history books;

20. Intended to make history, it barely made it into the history books".

21. He inherited his father's nickname of "Del Fora" in the history books.

22. A unique story for the history books over this Cup season belongs Bruno Gatti.

23. According to the history books, this tradition comes from Seville, Spain.

24. The history books and our memories could just be illusions.

25. The Pentateuch and the History Books are forthcoming.

26. RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland described it as "a moment for the history books".

27. I had read about the Taj Mahal in the history books only.

28. might consign the adage "no pain, no gain" to the history books.

29. If we are to relegate Aids to the history books we must be bold.

30. Zuo Zhuan" is not only the history books, is also a very good literature.