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the general fund in a sentence

1. All ordained clerics attached to the cathedral were paid through stipends from the general fund.

2. The costs of maintenance and lighting, however, fell on the general fund.

3. The County Mayor is the general agent of the county and may draw warrants upon the General Fund.

4. The General Fund Budget is $7,344,592.

5. In 2001, the township began a police department by funding it from the general fund budget.

6. The General Fund was established in 1617, the Aggregate Fund in 1715, the South Sea Fund in 1717.

7. It now supports 33% of the general fund or 13% of the university's operating budget.

8. This deduction from the MRSI Program will decrease the general fund appropriations to $9.6 million.

9. revenue and the general fund and grants to counties and municipalities.

10. Some moneys from the Corporate Business Tax Act are directed to the General Fund.

11. The Lottery transferred $10.4 million to the General Fund in unclaimed prize money during FY19.

12. Other states put lottery revenue into the general fund.

13. The balance remaining in the general fund at that time is considered unexpended.

14. Over $2 million will be returned to the General Fund of the government.

15. This bridge and the Chinese hospital were charged to the general fund of the Chinese residents.

16. When I started this job the general fund was $255 million dollars.

17. $8 million is from the general fund.

18. A three-member Library Board supervised the library with appropriations from the general fund.

19. The revenue generated will enter the general fund of the City of Berkeley.

20. Much of the payment will be diverted to pay lawyers fees and go in the general fund.

21. The general fund exceeded one million items in 1967.

22. This remained unchanged until the 1980s when the revenues were redirected back to the General Fund.

23. The General Fund makes up 3/4th of the entire budget;

24. After five years, all extra monies would go to the general fund.

25. The General Fund provides the base operations budget of UOT at over $4 million per year.

26. The agency does not receive any money from the General Fund.

27. This money comes from the general fund, so the dollars are already there.

28. The general fund advances must be repaid with interest.

29. dotHIV hoped to direct 70 percent of its income from domain sales to the general fund.

30. Appropriates money from the General Fund to pay bond principal and interest.