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the forefinger in a sentence

1. In September 1842 he lost the forefinger of his left hand in an accident while reloading a gun.

2. The forefinger is then placed in contact with the departing line and the leading edge of the spool in order to slow or stop the outward cast.

3. A lever or trigger is grasped or rotated (usually by the forefinger) and this action suspends the line in place.

4. The thumb points upwards to indicate ascent, and the forefinger points towards the exit from a penetration dive.

5. The method is named for the "overlapping' of the little finger of the top hand between the forefinger and middle finger of the bottom hand.

6. The trigger should be pulled with the forefinger.

7. The repair actually involved a slight rolling of the forefinger against the thumb.

8. A land snake was indicated by pointing the forefinger, while rotating the wrist and extending one's arm outwards.

9. As a child, he lost the forefinger of his left hand (his bowling hand) in an industrial accident.

10. Allow the ribbon to emerge and extend over the forefinger, breaking from its own weight.

11. After the season, x-rays revealed a severe dislocation on the forefinger of Schmidt's throwing hand.

12. She has dug up the forefinger and shows it to them.

13. It is held somewhat like a pencil, but between the thumb and middle fingers, while the forefinger rides in the saddle above.

14. Richard Berengarten visited the site and the memorial museum in 1985, when a blue butterfly landed on the forefinger of his writing hand.

15. In the "secondary release", the forefinger and thumb pinch the arrow end as in the primary release.

16. the forefinger not only presses on the arrow end, but also grasps the string.

17. This is accomplished by the forefinger on the string above the arrow, and the middle and ring finger on the string below the arrow.

18. The nock of the arrow is held on the bowstring between the forefinger and middle finger to help stabilize the arrow before loosing.

19. In some case, she is asked to push the switch of the elevator for the luggage but she has broken her bone of the forefinger, impatient.

20. this is done in order to achieve a better reachability with the forefinger.

21. This is formed by crossing the thumb and little finger inside the palm, with only the forefinger and next one extended, or a variant of this.

22. During one engagement, the forefinger of Logan's right hand was severed by a bullet.

23. Small variations of pitch can be produced by moving the forefinger over the centre opening.

24. With the forefinger of his outstretched right hand, he holds a kylix by the handle.

25. The eater puts the whole Sapu Mhichā in the mouth and bites it off, leaving the tied end between the forefinger and thumb.

26. His right hand, with the forefinger and thumb pressed together, makes a gesture as if he were speaking.

27. The gesture, in which the forefinger and thumb of each hand are pressed together to form an "O" shape, is used to show support for the team.

28. and with the forefinger and thumb together to Samana.

29. Only the forefinger of his right hand and his lead pectoral cross remained at Tismana.

30. The forefinger on his left hand crooked, and the hands shows the mark of severe scald.