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the following 3 years in a sentence

1. In the following 3 years, while Sampras continued winning Grand Slam titles every season, Agassi slumped in the rankings and struggled in major competitions.

2. The following 3 years saw a terrible economic Depression set in across the country.

3. The following 3 years Wawrinka won 1 Grand Slam, qualified for Tour Finals, and ended the year in Top 5 every season.

4. The following 3 years he spent at the club were a frustrating time for Grella, and Blackburn Rovers fans, with injuries disrupting his stay at Rovers.

5. For the following 3 years, home ported at Yokosuka, she provided escort service for the 7th Fleet's Fast Carrier Attack Force.

6. For the following 3 years, she would divide her time between Milan and Lviv, returning regularly for engagements with the Lviv Opera in order to pay for her ongoing studies in Italy.

7. From 2003 and for the following 3 years he would write in the Spanish magazines Bajista and Guitarra Actual with monthly pages called Stick Center's Pages.

8. Also, the shortage of beef available ensured high sale prices for Wibaux's stock for the following 3 years.

9. She was threatened by the Taliban and locked herself in her house for the following 3 years.

10. Wrike's headquarters is situated in San Jose, California, where the company moved from Mountain View in February 2016 announcing 150 jobs over the following 3 years.

11. The Parkdale residence required extensive renovations and consumed all the energy of the Society for the following 3 years.

12. He played with the Panthers in the following 3 years making 43 appearances, almost all from the bench, and scoring 8 tries.

13. During the following 3 years he delivered the 6-day program at Mount Eliza on more than 24 occasions to approximately 600 Australian middle and senior level managers.

14. During the following 3 years, he built a small marketing team around the programming languages family and extended the family to include the first BASIC Interpreter and Compiler for the Apple Macintosh.

15. After Life Source disbanded, Even toured for the following 3 years with The Profile Band, an R&B dance band based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

16. She garnered Pac-10 All-Freshman accolades for the 2006-07 season, and went on to Pac-10 All-Conference honors the following 3 years.

17. In the following 3 years new chairlifts were built and in the 1970s they began to build the new Ski Hotel and other gastronomy services.

18. in 1985 he was selected to attend the Instructor Pilot Course at Randolph AFB, Texas then spent the following 3 years as an AT-38 Instructor Pilot at Holloman AFB, New Mexico;

19. Construction began in 1969 and continued over the following 3 years, culminating in a school that would meet the needs of the years to come.

20. In February 2008 the park ownership changed hands, with the following 3 years seeing the collection grow by almost 100 new species, including numerous animals which are of high conservation interest.

21. The following 3 years he was First Deputy Head of the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine, Vice President in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine until February 2010.

22. For the following 3 years, the property was extensively renovated at a cost of $1,000,000, after which the Brisbane City Council gave approval for it to be used as a residence with bed-and-breakfast accommodation.

23. On 22 November 2019, after talks of the show being bought by another network, it was confirmed that the show would move to Channel 4 and had been renewed for six series over the following 3 years.

24. The following 3 years saw them pick up a further 6 awards, most notably winning Best African Act at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards, becoming the first Kenyan musicians to receive the award.

25. In the following 3 years the academic initiative was wound down and then ceased altogether.

26. In the following 3 years, Zimmerman became a key player for Providence, leading the team in points and goals in each of the years.

27. Despite this, the Medical Society and Medical Association both refused her membership for the following 3 years, which prevented her from obtaining consultation privileges, and so denied her equality with male doctors.

28. In 2017, Mercedes-Benz pledged to release a self-driving taxi by the end of the following 3 years.

29. In the following 3 years, he would win 1 game and lose 1 game each year, never getting out of the group stages.

30. In the following 3 years, he qualified for the 1994 and 1995 World Matchplay, but lost in the first round on both occasions.