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the final set in a sentence

1. The final set, 23–24, opened in May 2019.

2. The final set of opening titles launched on 6 November 2002.

3. The final set alone was longer than the previous longest match.

4. The final set of standards were introduced for 1978.

5. She came back from a double break down in the final set to win.

6. The final set lists were largely based on the results.

7. The final set of thirteen episodes was broadcast in 1972.

8. The final set of awards, in 2014, were given in 28 categories.

9. The final set in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

10. the final set took two hours and 43 minutes.

11. The final set of modifications deal with the environment.

12. The final set of nominations were determined in late October.

13. The final set of 2 numbers relates directly to the waste.

14. The final set, The Windemeir Circle, is in the middle.

15. No tiebreak was played in the final set.

16. Tiebreakers were not played in the final set.

17. The final set of thirteen episodes was broadcast in 1972.

18. The final set ⟨ဘ⟩

19. However, the final set had been omitted at that time.

20. However, this song was ultimately off the final set list.

21. The final set of molars last for about twenty years.

22. The final set, 10-280, was retired on 11 February 2018.

23. The final set was decided in a tiebreak.

24. However, the final Set Bonus does not apply for online games.

25. Capriati then took the final set to send Williams packing.

26. The final set in service operated until 20 March 2015.

27. The final set of fixtures commenced on 22 September 2015.

28. He paid homage to the final set of Godrej &

29. The final set piece really won my admiration."

30. The final set of rails were installed on 9 May 2020.