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the female's attention in a sentence

1. There is a direct competition between males to win the attention of the females in salamanders and newts, with elaborate courtship displays to keep the female's attention long enough to get her interested in choosing him to mate with.

2. They show acrobatic techniques to attract the female's attention.

3. As mentioned earlier, the male gets the female's attention by holding a piece of dead grass in his beak while singing and bobbing up and down.

4. Astatotilapia burtoni, like Oreochromis mossambicus, is a lekking species, so the dominant males will have male displays of courtship in order to attract and lure females that are passing by. The behavior starts with the male attempting to catch the female's attention by displaying his side to the female while quivering his body.

5. Alternatively, another male may intervene to compete for the female's attention, which may result in a fight between the two males.