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the fall season in a sentence

1. In September 2019, Taco Bell revamped their menu, for the Fall Season.

2. Hurricanes are a substantial concern during the fall season.

3. Hurricanes are an ever-present threat during the fall season.

4. In the fall season, there are six sports played.

5. The shishamo are harvested during the Fall season.

6. They started in the fall season of 2011.

7. They offer both Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer during the fall season.

8. Fall Festival may refer to any festival during the fall season, such as:

9. Rémy only made six league appearances during the fall season with Lyon.

10. Plus there is a corn field and pumpkin patch during the Fall season.

11. The fall season would begin in August and end in December.

12. The band enters competitions during the fall season.

13. Cienega organizes a wide variety of sports during the fall season.

14. Hurricanes are a substantial concern during the fall season.

15. During the Fall Season, he appeared in 12 games scoring one goal.

16. He did not play during the Fall Season.

17. In 2002, they opened Off-Broadway for the fall season.

18. Jules Seveste decided to stay in France to prepare for the fall season.

19. Stillman College football discontinued after the fall season of 2015.

20. They quickly get back together in the fall season finale.

21. Member bands host the adjudications throughout the fall season.

22. Numbers in parentheses refer to the Fall season games.

23. She will miss the fall season of the National Women's Soccer League.

24. All of these may be hunted in the fall season.

25. Tri-Eastern Conference titles during the fall season.

26. Following the fall season, Robinson signed with the York Capitals.

27. Boys at SWHS play soccer during the fall season.

28. The winner of the Fall season will qualify for the Soccer Bowl playoffs.

29. All other changes are compared to the Fall season.

30. The fall season of 2019 was one of Giraldo's best seasons.