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the face in a sentence

1. The face flushes.

2. Then he worked on the face;

3. Then he worked on the face;

4. Not in the face!"

5. The face is white.

6. The face is in shadow.

7. Then he worked on the face;

8. when uncovering the face.

9. for both hands at the face.

10. Buckle for the face shield.

11. This is the face of terror.

12. The face is buff to tan;

13. The face is orange-yellow.

14. The face is whitish.

15. The face is light brown.

16. offered the face as Suave.

17. redness of the face;

18. and The Face of Fu Manchu.

19. The face is yellow.

20. The face is grey-brown.

21. An example is the face.

22. punching him in the face.

23. Rain-in-the-Face, 1885.

24. The face is darker.

25. First Ascent of the face.

26. He is the face of Topman.

27. The face is impersonal;

28. The face is yellow.

29. Drake had one in the face.

30. She looked me in the face.