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the entire winter in a sentence

1. The most exposed mountain passes are closed the entire winter.

2. Snow is heavy in late autumn, winter, and early spring and remains on the ground for the entire winter.

3. Valentinian spent the entire winter of 367 gathering a massive army for a spring offensive.

4. "And we could live the entire winter just by taking advantage of all the offers to spend a week on the farm.

5. They remain there during the entire winter season.

6. He spent the entire winter studying works by the mystics, the humanists, and the church historians.

7. Painted turtles hibernate buried in mud or underwater and do not resurface for the entire winter.

8. Zvornik 7 The most famous group of seven men wandered about in occupied territory for the entire winter.

9. He stays with the newly reunited family for the entire winter in Hungary and becomes almost a member of the family himself.

10. In June 2016, criticism has been made public that there won't be any scheduled flights during the entire winter 2016/2017 schedule.

11. As Princess Louise had done, most would spend the entire winter there, the period becoming known as the Season.

12. The accusative is also used to mark some adjuncts, e.g. obb tääʹlv ('the entire winter').

13. This means that the entire winter programme is positioned under brand LAAX, whilst brand Flims stands for the summer programme of Flims Laax Falera.

14. Individual birds remain with the same flock for the entire winter and return to the same wintering site each year.

15. Despite these snowfalls, Finavia's airports remained operational throughout the entire winter.

16. Ice swimming is also practised during the entire winter by Walrus Clubs, whose members are called "walruses" (Russian: моржи, "morzhi").

17. The Raate road was a battlefield during the entire Winter War.

18. The ski association in Zinkgruvan uses snow cannons to ensure that the ski-track is provided with snow during the entire winter.

19. They let them in and he stays through the entire winter with them.

20. Throughout the entire winter the narrator watches his wife furtively, and a watershed moment happens when she begins to sing in his presence.

21. Speckbacher spent the entire winter in the Tyrolean Alps, hiding among friends at lonely farms, or in Alpine huts, always hunted by enemies.

22. In Peru, they spent the entire winter, huddled in a converted railway baggage car at Cerro de Pasco, 14,000 feet above sea level.

23. But not enough shelter could be erected, and 400 families spent the entire winter in tents.

24. A female can be expected to generate approximately 50 to 120 eggs per breeding season, which remain attached to the mother for the entire winter.

25. In this species the entire winter rosette is withdrawn slightly beneath the soil surface, leaving only the shriveled summer leaves visible.

26. November and December set monthly average temperature records in the northeast amid a very powerful El Niño expected to last the entire winter.

27. in 2008, there were new record highs for December and the entire winter: +9.6 °C (49.3 °F).

28. Sigurd and his men stayed there the entire winter, until the spring of 1108, when they again set sail westwards.

29. The accusative is also used to mark some adjuncts, e.g. obb tääʹlv ('the entire winter').

30. The Prahran Football Club also increased its own offer to the council from £60 to £175 to lease the ground for the entire winter.