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the embryo in a sentence

1. The embryo was destroyed after 12 days.

2. The embryo is small.

3. The embryo sac is of the Fritillaria type.

4. X 30. Section through the embryo.

5. The operculum allows the embryo to breathe.

6. Section through the embryo.

7. Section through the embryo.

8. Section through the embryo.

9. Section through the embryo.

10. it is the embryo of the seed.

11. the embryo straight;

12. The embryo is 4.5 mm (0.18 in) long.

13. The embryo is straight.

14. H&E stain. Section through the embryo.

15. the embryo is life.

16. The embryo was not born.

17. The embryo is green.

18. the embryo of the post-1910 PSDR.

19. Top of the form of the embryo.

20. The embryo's brain at four weeks.

21. The embryo's nervous system at six weeks.

22. In all eggs, the embryo must breathe.

23. The embryo will then develop normally;

24. The embryo-sac is of the Polygonum-type.

25. The embryo sac is of the Fritillaria type.

26. The embryo is linear or slightly curved.

27. in a month's time the embryo is hard;

28. There is much of yolk in the embryo.

29. This forms the embryo;

30. How will the embryo respond?