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the egg mass in a sentence

1. The shape and size of the egg mass is characteristic of the species.

2. It is possible that the male guards the egg mass.

3. The egg mass is jelly-like, semibuoyant, and can reach up to 2 m long.

4. The egg mass attaches to some vegetation, while the rest flows with the water current.

5. The egg mass is said to look rather like a bird dropping.

6. Shortly after the egg mass is deposited, embryogenesis begins.

7. After hatching, the movements of the tadpoles make the remains of the egg mass into a froth.

8. The egg mass is round or squarish, with 10 to 150 eggs deposited as clusters in each mass.

9. The egg mass is connected to aquatic vegetation.

10. The egg mass is a flat greenish coil of several turns.

11. The male releases her and inseminates the egg mass with his sperm.

12. The pair will then make a dash to the surface and the egg mass bursts from the female.

13. This is because males which stay with the egg mass cannot be detected by females.

14. The egg mass is gathered on the mantle before being attached to the sand by a mucous thread.

15. The egg mass is highly convoluted and creamy white.

16. The egg mass is a transparent spiral collar with large orange eggs visible within.

17. The egg mass is a messy ribbon of several whorls.

18. The egg mass is also coloured to match the gorgonians.

19. The egg mass is globular, convoluted and has numerous eggs per capsule.

20. The egg mass is a flat spiral of capsules with 5-7 eggs per capsule.

21. The egg mass is highly convoluted and cream to yellowish.

22. The egg mass is kept within the female shell.

23. The egg mass is orange, and adheres to the bottom.

24. The egg mass is distinctive, the white eggs having orange yolks lying beside their capsules.

25. The egg mass of several thousand eggs is brooded by the female on her abdomen.

26. The egg mass is a yellow to orange tangled string of jelly, containing oval capsules.

27. The egg mass (roe) is usually green, but may also have yellow, red, or brown coloration.

28. Within seconds of the female's spawning, the male scoops the egg mass into his mouth.

29. Both males and females guard the egg mass after spawning.

30. Bugs emerge and stay near the egg mass until shedding their skins.