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the duties in a sentence

1. The duties were reassigned to the Rector.

2. Chris Bradley took over the duties on guitar.

3. Section 126 sets out the duties of employees.

4. or, the duties of a home-wife (1867) by Mrs.

5. This is very similar to the duties of a king;

6. The duties of an office manager include:

7. Hill now assumed the duties of both offices.

8. Carl shirks the duties of Carl's stag night.

9. to perform the duties of a truant officer.

10. The duties of the CR were controversial.

11. attend to the duties of his office."

12. Sengo takes on the duties of the High Priest.

13. he assumed the duties on December 13, 2019.

14. Sets forth the duties of such Panel.

15. Varying the duties of pilots —

16. Bogage shared the duties with Allan L. Smith.

17. The duties of the chief minister includes;

18. The duties of the City Treasurer include:

19. The duties became onerous.

20. The duties of the certification bodies:

21. His wife took on the duties of prison matron.

22. He performs the duties of the king admirably.

23. New Principal is yet to join the duties.

24. the duties of electricity distributors;

25. The duties on credit providers are onerous;

26. The IA reorganized the duties of the PTC.

27. Some focus on the duties of a good wife.

28. He assumed the duties in early 1935.

29. Madigan took over the duties of dog-handler.

30. He assumed the duties of daimyō in 1852;