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the divergence in a sentence

1. The divergence of giraffe and okapi lineages dates to around 11.5 mya.

2. Genome duplication occurred prior to the divergence of this taxon.

3. The divergence is estimated to have occurred about 12 million years ago.

4. specifically, it is the Hessian of the divergence.

5. that is, when the divergence (the bar graph) changes sign.

6. The divergence of a tensor is: which is a vector field.

7. which is a generalization of the divergence theorem.

8. This resulted in the divergence of amniotes from amphibians.

9. Additionally, the divergence of the eyes leads to horizontal diplopia.

10. From the Divergence theorem this can be written.

11. The state, as civil authority, had not to observe the divergence;

12. A Salishan myth tells how an argument led to the divergence of languages.

13. We have then many indications of the divergence from Rome;

14. Comparison with the divergence theorem of vector calculus suggests.

15. The divergence causes air to rush out from the top of the air column.

16. the divergence of the light source multiplied by the distance.

17. Using the formula for the divergence of a dyad, we then have.

18. By the divergence-free assumption, ∇

19. These forms are equivalent due to the divergence theorem.

20. : R → R. The divergence operator δ

21. The divergence was implemented by using different sockets;

22. The relationship did not survive the divergence of their careers.

23. The divergence of giraffe and okapi lineages dates to around 11.5 mya.

24. This would explain the divergence of the Fragmentum and the AL in 786.

25. The divergence is expected;

26. Aynho Junction was the divergence of the Bicester cut-off, below.

27. The divergence in policy was intolerable.

28. So, what does the divergence theorem say?

29. That is Green for flux and that is the divergence theorem.

30. At that part is actually math, namely, the divergence theorem.