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the deed in a sentence

1. Cooper Union's name is on the deed.

2. He would be in charge of "the deed";

3. How will posterity the deed proclaim!

4. None of the boys admits to the deed.

5. The idea precedes the deed."

6. ("Let the deed show."

7. Sidney informs JJ the deed is done.

8. I admit the deed!--tear up the planks!

9. The deed was in her name.

10. Eva Bickler now received the deed.

11. Hunt then transferred the deed to Mrs.

12. however, the deed proved to be faulty.

13. is unable to go through with the deed.

14. The deed was a little unclear.

15. The exact date of the deed is unknown.

16. The deed must be in Dutch.


18. The deed however had some exceptions.

19. the deed is done by Leith.

20. Radford refused to execute the deed;

21. Song and Poetry of the Deed.

22. ", as shown in the deed.

23. In the deed, Mrs.

24. Tello agrees, then does the deed.

25. The deed was preserved in St. Gallen.

26. The deed texts have survived.

27. The women received the deed in 1923.

28. the deed was signed on June 11, 1785.

29. The deed was done.

30. Do you have the deed to the house?