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the care in a sentence

1. He left Rome in the care of Sejanus.

2. Ofsted; the Care Quality Commission;

3. The monastery, in the care of V. Rev.

4. the care, repair, and weeding of books;

5. and the Care Bears themselves as Cubs.

6. now in the care of Cadw.

7. She is under the care of Katana.

8. Lorraine had been in the care of Mrs.

9. Rule and The Care Bears Movie.

10. the care and safety of trains.

11. It is now in the care of Cadw.

12. The fastest of the Care Bear Cousins.

13. assistance and the care support &

14. I entrust you to the care of Allah.

15. The site is in the care of Cadw.

16. It is in the care of M Shed.

17. It is in the care of the Irish State.

18. The care is concessional for members.

19. According to the Care &

20. The name then changed to The Care.

21. The care of pictures.

22. The care was minimal.

23. He introduced the CARE Revolution.

24. The stones are in the care of Cadw;

25. The care home has been demolished.

26. The care of the family fell upon her.

27. It is now in the care of CADW.

28. baby under the care of Kamayya.

29. It was under the care of Rev.

30. Sunward frequency dream, and the care.