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the calling in a sentence

1. This period ended with the calling of Paul.

2. The Calling of St Matthew, 1599-1600, Caravaggio.

3. The calling code of Bangladesh is +880.

4. It required the calling of 23 fire engines.

5. and The Calling (2002).

6. The calling can be persistent.

7. In 2007, she released The Calling.

8. The theme song is "Our Lives" by The Calling.

9. it is the calling upon Shiva.

10. This would later become a symbol for The Calling.

11. The results are sent back to the calling object.

12. In June 2002, Woolstenhulme left The Calling.

13. The calling of angels."

14. The calling to the paid ranks was not far off.

15. The Calling of a Christian Woman;

16. The Calling performs the song live.

17. the calling of Judicael;

18. The calling strategy, or plan is shown below.

19. Compare invocatio, the "calling on" of a deity.

20. The Calling is an American alternative rock band.

21. The Calling may also refer to:

22. "the calling").

23. However, she begins shifting in The Calling.

24. The calling Paddana like this,

25. Most of the calling in mice is done by males.

26. He has referred to this as the Calling.

27. The calling card of the play is its authenticity.

28. MNO1 charges A based on the "calling rate".

29. Adapted from the Calling All Angels liner notes.

30. Aria decides to delete the calling from the log.