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the baseline in a sentence

1. Flash is today the baseline format on the web.

2. Over time the signal recovers to the baseline.

3. So does drift in the baseline signal over time.

4. This applies to the Baseline Profile as well.

5. The J descends below the baseline.

6. the baseline for measuring climate fluctuations.

7. by extending the hook below the baseline.

8. -- in addition to the baseline role of "ninja".

9. His style was to play powershots from the baseline.

10. and the numeral 4 rests along the baseline.

11. Most age homophily is of the baseline type.

12. It is raised slightly above the baseline.

13. The baseline was 7.5 miles (12.1 km) long.

14. This is the baseline version of the launch vehicle.

15. The Executive was the baseline model.

16. The SV6 was the baseline sports variant.

17. White bread serves as the baseline of 100.

18. The baseline configuration is fully amphibious.

19. The 'f', too, does not descend below the baseline.

20. Extra players wait behind the baseline.

21. The baseline rate is expressed as WS 100.

22. the baseline payload configuration included a SAR.

23. The baseline Proton-K was a three-stage rocket.

24. The Baseline Road passes through the Dematagoda.

25. The baseline grand prize was €150,000.

26. 2. The baseline MUST always be in working order.

27. The baseline design is solar electric propulsion.

28. she has the voice and the baseline taste level.

29. These are the baseline profiles.

30. Confirm the baseline UAT tests.