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the axil in a sentence

91. The inflorescence is usually dichasial at least in the lower parts, which means that in the axil of each peduncle (primary flower stalk) of the terminal flower in the cyme, two new single-flower branches sprout up on each side of and below the first flower.

92. The inflorescence consists of fifty to seventy crowded flower heads, each in the axil of a leaf, that together constitute a cylinder shape of 6–9 cm (2.4–3.6 in) long, 5½–6 cm (2.2–2.4 in) wide, that is topped by a crest of more or less upright, smallish green leaves.

93. Among the many, many varieties of pigeons, there are the Lady Stars of Shanxi, the Crane Beauties of Shandong, the Axil Butterflies of Guizhou, the Backflippers of Sichuan and Hubei, and the Allsharps of Zhejiang: each of them are an unusual species.

94. Flowers are unisexual and arise with in the inner wall of syconia, are axillary (arising from the axil of an inflorescence) subsessile (not attached completely with a stalk) and have depressed globe-like shape (spherical with a flattened top and bottom).