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the anger in a sentence

1. The Anger of Achilles (1819), Kimbell Art Museum.

2. The anger of the angry person is removed;

3. Moore, much to the anger of Carver.

4. That's where the anger belongs."

5. It gave me an outlet for the anger in my heart."

6. The anger at federal political figures was palpable.

7. ... I can feel the anger in it even now.

8. Alexei does this, to the anger of the Baron.

9. The anger, the force, and the attitude.

10. the not knowing perpetuates the anger.

11. The anger control chain is as follows;

12. The Anger river rises in it.

13. But the anger is real;

14. This aroused the anger of the local Schieringers.

15. The anger of Artemis was always a risk.

16. if to oneself, the anger is directed internally.

17. This abated the anger of the people of Sivi.

18. The guru also infers that the anger etc.

19. The anger here is bigger than (it was) in Tunisia."

20. The language, the anger, the humour.

21. She just showed the anger a mom has.

22. “It reignited the anger;

23. he wanted no part of the anger towards Hello Games.

24. her rush to the feast to break the anger;

25. Talking is better for venting out the anger.

26. Now it's the anger that carries her forward.

27. The anger never disappeared.

28. “I was tired of all the anger,” he said.

29. But the anger is not people, Roh Moo-hyun.

30. time to the anger of leaving us alone.