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the algae in a sentence

1. The algae live inside the cell, in the cytoplasm.

2. The algae provides up to 90 percent of the coral's energy.

3. The algae are their food source.

4. The algae were grown in vats underneath artificial light.

5. Their color is diet-derived from the pigments of the algae.

6. Zooplankton and snails consume the algae.

7. the algae can be fatal.

8. Among the algae recorded was Ascophyllum nodosum var.

9. The algae is preserved by sun-drying.

10. the algae Spirogyra and diatoms;

11. "The Structure and Reproduction of the Algae".

12. The algae bloom occurred again in 2017.

13. She successfully guides the ship to the algae planet.

14. They have a symbiotic relationship with the algae.

15. Many of the algae in this genus are used to make agar.

16. It eats the algae growing on the rock surfaces.

17. Cavil shows her images of the temple on the algae planet.

18. The algae are noted for their color, which is black.

19. Approaching algae will transform the algae into stone.

20. Normally, the algae is long and filamentous;

21. The algae and sea grass species number.

22. The algae being scraped off rock substrates.

23. The algae may be reproductive at all times of the year.

24. The algae enter the system through the mouth.

25. It is possible that the algae are "enslaved".

26. Approaching algae will transform the algae into stone.

27. They look like black stars studding the algae.

28. Who ate all the algae?

29. the embryos bask in the oxygen given off by the algae.

30. And, when the algae die, Sigman said, they sink.