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the adult state in a sentence

1. In the adult state, they have tear ducts and movable eyelids, and most species have ears that can detect airborne or ground vibrations.

2. One influential proposal regarding the origin of this type of error suggests that the adult state of grammar stores each irregular verb form in memory and also includes a "block" on the use of the regular rule for forming that type of verb.

3. For example, a person would most likely want to be in a Free Child state along with the Adult state while attending a party in order to maximize the fun they are having while also being able to make wise choices.

4. A third class, the Larvacea (or Appendicularia), is the only group of tunicates to retain their chordate characteristics in the adult state, a product of extensive neoteny.

5. The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) is the code department of the Illinois state government that operates the adult state prison system.

6. Brooks Britt and colleagues, in 2000, claimed that the C. nasicornis holotype was in fact a juvenile individual, with the two larger species representing the adult state of a single species.

7. At this point the larvae will settle and metamorphose into a more mature form, though not yet the adult state.

8. When maximum size is reached, the larva constructs a rather thin-walled, hardened cell of sandy soil in which it will undergo pupation and metamorphosis to the adult state.

9. Development of the beetles to the adult state usually takes less than a year.

10. When maximum size is reached, the larva constructs a pupal chamber in which it will undergo metamorphosis to the adult state.

11. When maximum size is reached, the larva constructs a pupal chamber in which it will undergo metamorphosis (pupation) to the adult state.

12. A few Lepidoptera species have reduced mouthparts and do not feed in the adult state.

13. In the adult state the leaf's upper side is dark green and the under side is pale green.

14. None of the specimens had completed the thickening of the outer lip and the glazing of the columella which mark the adult state, but several were very near it. The surface of the shell is glossy except for the incremental lines.

15. At times, loss of activity during development may mask the role of the gene in the adult state, especially if the gene is involved in numerous processes spanning development.

16. For example, in the adult state the ac and sc genes promote the differentiation of two sets of complementary sensory organs and ase gene as a minimal function, while in the larvae state ac and sc genes affect the same set of sensory organs and ase is responsible for the determination of a complementary set.

17. The Chilean tiger spider's size varies from 30 up to 70 mm in the adult state.

18. However some individuals may pass the winter in the adult state.