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the absorption in a sentence

1. Chloramphenicol increases the absorption of iron.

2. Melanin is often involved in the absorption of light;

3. Alcohol can increase the absorption rate.

4. Common salt facilitates the absorption.

5. Cimetidine may influence the absorption of doxepin.

6. With the absorption of the Manchester &

7. For intramuscular (IM) injection, the absorption is rapid.

8. Antacids may decrease the absorption of hydroxychloroquine.

9. Another dispute was the absorption of post-war expellees.

10. The absorption of flutamide is complete upon oral ingestion.

11. The absorption method is apparently due to W. A. Eaton.

12. The absorption became effective on 1 August 1865.

13. Water is the refrigerant and LiBr the absorption medium.

14. The absorption of the former Neath &

15. The effective date of the absorption was 1 July 1922.

16. He possesses the absorption cells of his predecessor.

17. The absorption took effect on 1 August 1865.

18. The absorption laws changed with time.

19. The absorption mound is built in layers.

20. he rejects the absorption into any other style but his own.

21. the absorption.

22. On 1 August 1876 the absorption became effective;

23. This then reduces the absorption of dietary fat.

24. This can have an impact on the absorption of the drug.

25. It might affect the absorption of other minerals.

26. Suggestions Concerning the Absorption of Ions by Plants.

27. Soy protein inhibits the absorption of iron.

28. The absorption-type merger was completed on July 1, 2020.

29. The absorption of nutritions is meant a lot to our bodies.

30. The absorption isotherms are equilibrium equations.